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Android Revolution HD 6.3.0/XE

Posted by Evil-Dragon

It's been a while since i've been able to post details of the latest ARHD release, so this skips a few versions. This release is for the HTC Sensation and requires a firmware upgrade for it to boot properly. Links to the newest firmware will be at the bottom of the post and a guide will be included from XDA.

  • Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) - latest Release Candidate HTC RUU 3.30.401.101 (with Audio Beats)
  • Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) - latest Release Candidate HTC RUU 3.30.401.1
  • This ROM will turn your HTC Sensation into powerful HTC Sensation XE with¬†Beats Audio¬†technology and 1.5 GHz dual core!
  • This is improved version of stock ROM - no visual changes!
  • Very fast, clean & stable!
  • Full HTC Sense 3.6 Interface
  • Multi-language (WWE)
  • HTC Sensation 4G (US T-Mobile) support with Wi-Fi Calling
  • For HTC Sensation, HTC Sensation 4G & HTC Sensation XE
  • Thanks to HTC for the base firmware


Android Revolution HD 6.3.0 & 6.3.0 XE --- release date: 22 February 2012 ---
  • Based on newest Release Candidate RUU for HTC Sensation (3.30.401.1) / HTC Sensation XE (3.30.401.101)
  • Barrier=0 for all partitions
  • Improved speed and RAM management!
  • Tiny MMS fix for T-Mobile users
  • Facebook updated to latest 1.8.2
  • Touch Recovery updated to latest RC3
  • Maxthon updated to latest 2.4.6
  • Google Plus updated to latest
  • ES File Explorer updated to latest
  • Google Maps updated to latest 6.3.0
  • Adobe Flash Player updated to latest
  • Twitter updated to latest 3.1.0
  • SebastianFM kernel will come in next version!
  • Other minor changes and fixes
- Super Wipe is recommended due to new base!
- 3.30.401.x firmware is required!
- 4EXT Touch Recovery is required!

You will need to use the following firmware package: DOWNLOAD --- MD5 checksum: 824295C6ACDC8D55BED9E0B913192DBE * ---

You must check the MD5 checksum before loading this firmware update onto your device. Failure to do so will resort in your phone being damaged/bricked and will have to be sent back to HTC to be repaired.

Please see this GUIDE on how to flash the firmware and install the latest ARHD 6.3.0 version to your phone. After flashing the above firmware, please note that you will no longer be able to use/flash any ROM's based on Gingerbread. They will no longer boot.

You can get the mods for this latest base from baadnewz's site, which is located here.