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Android Revolution HD 6.5.1/XE

Posted by Evil-Dragon

The last of the OTA's have hit our HTC Sensations for the final builds of Ice Cream Sandwich, today the OTA for the Sensation XE/LE was made available for devices and further more the OTA's for devices not on the HTC Elevate program started rolling out. This means that the 3.32.401.X series is the final HTC ICS build. Time to go build your mods/themes. In further news, ARHD has released it's latest ROM which includes the XE (Beats) version. Changelog as follows:

Android Revolution HD 6.5.1 --- release date: 9 March 2012 ---
  • XE version based on 3.32.401.105 update (Thanks to EddyOS for OTA file)
  • Market (Play Shop) updated to latest 3.4.7
  • Adobe Flash Player updated to latest
  • Better Wi-Fi calling support
  • Recovery updated to latest RC1
  • Other minor changes and fixes
- Super Wipe is highly recommended due to new base (XE only)!
- 3.32.401.x firmware is required!
- 4EXT Touch Recovery is required!
- HTC Sensation 4G (U.S. T-Mobile PG5810000 | T-MOB010) users can flash this for better signal and data speeds!

 As always visit the thread for the most up to date information, firmware and download links:



HTC Sensation XE – ICS Stock 3.32.401.105

Posted by Evil-Dragon


The ICS OTA has been released from HTC Elevate for the HTC Sensation XE, build number 3.32.401.105. This should be the final XE ROM for ICS on the Sensation. Kingsrom has been kind enough to patch the OTA in a flashable build which is stock and rooted.

There are two versions available, an odexed version and a deodexed version which can be found here (all credits to kingsrom for the work)


BUILT by: xXKingsRomXx also added EXT. 4 Apk so no battery pull!

(This can be used on a regular HTC Sensation as well the XE)

(3.32 Firmware is required, update the firmware before flashing the above)


Ubuntu for Android

Posted by Evil-Dragon


This has got to be the coolest thing i've seen in a while that has been done with Android so far. In a nutshell:

Ubuntu for Android provides a full desktop experience, including office software, web browsing, email and media applications, on Android phones docked to a screen and keyboard. Thanks to tight integration with the Android service layer, the transition between the two environments is seamless, making it easy to access the phone's services from the desktop when docked.

I won't say anymore, just watch the video below and let me know what you think:

You can read more about this new technology here: