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Virtuous S4X Build 2

Posted by Evil-Dragon


The Virtuous team have been hard at work and been able to successfully port the leaked HTC Endeavour RUU (0.96.401.2) to the HTC Sensation. While it is based on a developer RUU, it should be used with caution and is not suggested as a daily/production ROM. But if you want a first look at what Sense 4 looks like without having to wait, then it's worth a flash to your Sensation.

Screenshots from the XDA Thread:​

You can download and get support from the XDA thread located here. By the way, Build 3 is coming soon by the looks of the post on the thread.


XboarderMOD AOSP v1.0.0

Posted by Evil-Dragon

XBoarder on XDA is working on a new AOSP ROM for the HTC Sensation which is a hybrid version of AOSP and CM7. Not everything is working but if you want to help out then please feel free to visit the thread on XDA:

- phone
- sd card
- Gps
- sensors
- wifi
- etc

Not Working
- Sound
- Camera
- Keyboard needs to be resized

Bare in mind, not everything works and this is a WIP.



Help buy Mike1986 a HTC Sensation

Posted by Evil-Dragon

I've started a little campaign to get some donations to help buy Mike1986 (the creator of Android Revolution HD) a HTC Sensation. This will help him to further test and create a better ROM for the HTC Sensation and will benefit everyone.

You can read more about the campaign and donate here:

The Android Revolution HD thread can be found here:

Thanks for reading.