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Android Revolution HD 6.5.1/XE

Posted by Evil-Dragon

The last of the OTA's have hit our HTC Sensations for the final builds of Ice Cream Sandwich, today the OTA for the Sensation XE/LE was made available for devices and further more the OTA's for devices not on the HTC Elevate program started rolling out. This means that the 3.32.401.X series is the final HTC ICS build. Time to go build your mods/themes. In further news, ARHD has released it's latest ROM which includes the XE (Beats) version. Changelog as follows:

Android Revolution HD 6.5.1 --- release date: 9 March 2012 ---
  • XE version based on 3.32.401.105 update (Thanks to EddyOS for OTA file)
  • Market (Play Shop) updated to latest 3.4.7
  • Adobe Flash Player updated to latest
  • Better Wi-Fi calling support
  • Recovery updated to latest RC1
  • Other minor changes and fixes
- Super Wipe is highly recommended due to new base (XE only)!
- 3.32.401.x firmware is required!
- 4EXT Touch Recovery is required!
- HTC Sensation 4G (U.S. T-Mobile PG5810000 | T-MOB010) users can flash this for better signal and data speeds!

 As always visit the thread for the most up to date information, firmware and download links:



HTC Stock ICS *RELEASE* 3.32.401.3 (Flashable | Untouched | Rooted)

Posted by Evil-Dragon


rmk40 and mike1986 have both worked together to bring a STOCK flashable version of the 3.32.401.3 OTA to the HTC Sensation. There are 2 versions available:





rmk40's ROM:

This is a flashable zip of the release ICS build (3.32.401.3) for the Sensation. It was generated using the OTA package posted here by Redshark976. Devs are more than welcome to use this as a base for their ROMs.


  • Completely stock and remains odexed.
  • Rooted with the latest Superuser and su.
  • Insecure boot image, for proper root access.
  • Busybox installed in /system/xbin
Note: You will need to flash the appropriate 3.32 firmware, which is located in another thread here on the forums.

Download ROM

(MD5: 3df3b1a115e930bf21c902741a3919e7)

mike1986's ROM:

This is a flashable zip of the release ICS build (3.32.401.3) for HTC Sensation. It was generated using the OTA package given me by hexen88.


  • Completely stock and remains odexed.
  • Not rooted.
  • Secure boot image.
  • No busybox.
  • 100% pure stock ROM.

Software info:

  • Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3
  • HTC Sense 3.6
  • Release status: Final
  • Kernel: 3.0.16
Note: You will need to flash the appropriate 3.32 firmware, which is located in another thread here on the forums.

Download ROM

(MD5: 9400945695A92B9713E6C231FF08CBAB *

Any further questions should be directed to the forum thread located here.


Ice Cream Sandwich Firmware + Super CID

Posted by Evil-Dragon


With the release of ICS on the HTC Sensation rapidly approaching you might not be aware that your device will need it's firmware updating to allow the new ICS ROM's to boot properly. This is because various updates have been made to the HBOOT and the ADSP sections of the phone firmware that allow the ROM's to boot properly, without them they just won't boot.

Going forward from this point on, it's important to get things right. Not following instructions below could leave you with an unusable phone and potentially sending your phone in to HTC to be fixed. So, make sure you have a MD5 checksum program installed to check any downloads you make from this site to make sure that you are flashing an undamaged file. You can find many MD5 checksum checking programs on Google, so please go install one before anything else. You will no longer be able to go back to any Gingerbread based ROM's after this so make sure you have everything you need from your old rom's before you start. Read all the instructions before you start.

Going SuperCID:

You can obtain a SuperCID by doing the following, you must be S-OFF first:

  1. Connect your phone with USB Debugging enabled
  2. Open up an adb shell (if you don't know how to do this, Google it!)
  3. Reboot into fastboot mode in the Bootloader.
  4. Type:  fastboot oem writecid 11111111
  5. Type: adb reboot-bootloader
  6. Type: fastboot oem readcid
  7. If it says 11111111 then you have SuperCID
  8. You can reboot as normal

Installing the ICS Firmware (for 3.32.401.3 & 3.32.401.103 based ROMs)

  1. Go download the following file from this site: ICS 3.32.401.3 Firmware
  2. Put the in the root of your SDCard
  3. Check the MD5 Checksum of the file is E50C7A9BC98A01768FA4FD9ED046FEF2. If it's not redownload it and check again.
  4. Go into the Android Market and search for Quickboot. Download, install and open the application. Select  Bootloader
  5. Select the Fastboot option with the power button and it will then load the PG58IMG file and ask if you want to update
  6. Make sure your phone has more than 30% battery or plugged into a charger.
  7. Press the Volume Up key on the side of your phone and leave it. DO NOT EVER REMOVE THE BATTERY OR SD CARD AT THIS POINT.
  8. It might reboot after flashing some items, please leave it, it will most likely flash the radio next. Wait until the screen tells you to press the power button to reboot.
  9. Press the power button to reboot your phone.
  10. To get into recovery, either boot back into your ROM and use QuickBoot to get into recovery or download ADB for Windows/Linux and type adb reboot recovery
  11. After this point if you're getting bootloops, remove the SDCard from your phone, boot into your ROM and remove the PG58IMG file from your SDCard by plugging it back in after the phone has booted.

After this you are done and can go ahead and install/flash any ICS ROM of your choice.