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RainbOS Boot Animation for the HTC One

Posted by Evil-Dragon

After recently posting my HTC One splash screens on the Reddit /r/mylittlepony sub reddit, i had a message off ScottBee saying that he'd made the RainbOS and i'd asked if he'd got time to make a 1080x1920 version for the HTC One. Unfortunately due to time, he was a bit busy so i took some time to resize it to the HTC One resolution.


Obviously it's lost a little bit of focus with the resize but it still looks awesome on the HTC One and the loss of focus isn't even noticeable when the animation is running. I'd like to thank ScottBee for letting me use his work and if you want to see what the animation looks like you can see it on his blog.

You can download the HTC One version here: FlashableRainbOS (ROM's that use / FlashableRainbOS_HTC (ROM's that use

Flash in recovery, you must be S-OFF or at least be unlocked with HTCDEV and have Clockwork/TWRP recovery installed.



My Little Pony splash screens

Posted by Evil-Dragon

Decided to create some MLP splash screens for the HTC One, since there wasn't any out there.





78MUStt rb-dash-htc-m7


RN4qccb applejack-and-apple-bloom-m7


G31fmIZ trixie-soff-black-m7

4tu4TfR trixie-soff2-m7

hXvUKFl pinkie-bed-htc-m7

To use download them, put them on your SD Card and flash through recovery. You must be S-OFF to use these splash screens, do not use on any other device other than the HTC One (Not X, X+, etc.)


HTC One Splashscreen

Posted by Evil-Dragon

After getting my new HTC One phone and making it S-OFF with 'revone', i decided to rekindle my old splashscreen that I used from the Sensation days and was previously featured on this blog. I've resized the image and made it flashable from recovery.

WARNING: Flash through recovery on an S-OFF HTC One only, DO NOT flash to any other device or you might brick it. You have been warned!


Download here: bootsplash-m7