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OTA_PYRAMID_ICS_HTC_Europe_3.32.401.3 Released

Posted by Evil-Dragon


It appears that someone (one of the 300) that got signed up to the HTC Elevate program has been kind enough to upload and share the OTA for the ICS Sensation ROM. The build number is marked as 3.32.401.3.

This should mean that if this is the beta test for the final HTC build then we are getting closer and closer to the released date... it's just too bad it doesn't have Sense 4 included. In case you wondered it's Sense 3.6 and this OTA doesn't require a new firmware (if you already have the 3.30 firmware already flashed)

Bare in mind that this isn't a RUU, it's not flashable in a traditional sense. You should probably wait for your ROM chef to include this in their ROM but if you still want it then get it from the download link below:


(Firmware - If you need it: DOWNLOAD --- Always check the MD5 checksum: E50C7A9BC98A01768FA4FD9ED046FEF2 * ---)

It appears that my Dropbox traffic has been exceeded. If you want to use Dropbox to download then sign up for it here, then sign out, click the above download link and click "Copy to Dropbox" and sign in using the window that appears.


Virtuous S4X Build 2

Posted by Evil-Dragon


The Virtuous team have been hard at work and been able to successfully port the leaked HTC Endeavour RUU (0.96.401.2) to the HTC Sensation. While it is based on a developer RUU, it should be used with caution and is not suggested as a daily/production ROM. But if you want a first look at what Sense 4 looks like without having to wait, then it's worth a flash to your Sensation.

Screenshots from the XDA Thread:​

You can download and get support from the XDA thread located here. By the way, Build 3 is coming soon by the looks of the post on the thread.