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Virtuous S4X Build 2

Posted by Evil-Dragon


The Virtuous team have been hard at work and been able to successfully port the leaked HTC Endeavour RUU (0.96.401.2) to the HTC Sensation. While it is based on a developer RUU, it should be used with caution and is not suggested as a daily/production ROM. But if you want a first look at what Sense 4 looks like without having to wait, then it's worth a flash to your Sensation.

Screenshots from the XDA Thread:​

You can download and get support from the XDA thread located here. By the way, Build 3 is coming soon by the looks of the post on the thread.


HTC Amaze Camera Mod

Posted by Evil-Dragon

Baadnewz and CDTDroid have come together to port the HTC Amaze camera software from the ROM and ported it to make it available to be used on the HTC Sensation. This camera mod doesn't work on any custom kernels at the moment due to the lack of the new libraries that are in use in the newest kernels. However it will work if you use the stock HTC kernel. A few videos of the mod in action can be found below as well as links to the download and a link to the stock HTC kernel.

Download from XDA Developers website
Download HTC 2.3.5 Sense 3.5 stock kernel